The Needles

High Quality Tattoo Needles

What makes Magic Moon Tattoo Needles stand out?

All Magic Moon Needles are made from the same high quality steel and underlie strict quality controls which take place during and after production.

This is how we maintain the highest quality possible since many years.

  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • Premium Steel
  • consistent high quality since years
  • Lead Free Tin-Solder

Many Styles - Many Opportunities:

  • 4 needle sizes
  • 5 different taper
  • 6 different needle groupings
  • = endless possibilities

Different Tattoo motives and techniques require various needle groupings and variations. We pretty much cover the whole spectrum for you. With four different tips and Bug Pin needles, we offer something for every occasion.

Supply / Online-Shop

We are supplier for Tattoo Artists and rank amongst the biggest Tattoo Suppliers in Europe. Quality is our business.

We produce our own innovative products and offer you a selection of the best products from our distribution partners worldwide.

This includes of course our world famous and due to it's superior quality highly esteemed Tattoo Needles. Furthermore we are manufacturer of many products like Dry Loc Pads, Color Cap Systems, Footswitches, Clipcords and many more.

30 years of experience as Tattooist and Supplier, invested in your progress!

From Tattoo Artists for Tattoo Artists.

Unser Online-Shop:

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