Needle info

All Magic Moon Needles are made from the same high quality steel and underlie strict quality controls which take place during and after production. This is how we maintain the highest quality possible since many years.

Different Tattoo motives and techniques require various needle groupings and variations. We pretty much cover the whole spectrum for you. With four different tips and Bug Pin needles, we offer something for every occasion.

RL = Round Liner
The perfect weapon for your outlines. From the 0.25mm tip for pencil thin outlines to the mighty 0.40mm you‘re completely free to choose the parameter of your outlines.
SRL = Straight Round Liner
The perhaps best ‚open‘ liner available today. Often copied but still unmatched and the measure of all things for fat outlines. Outlines can be drawn in a matchless consistency and the greatest of ease with both, Medium Taper and Long Taper. Permanent rework of the very same spot is history now.
RS = Round Shader
It‘s your all-purpose weapon for shading like the name suggests. For extra fine, smooth blendings on rough or silky smooth skin. Four sizes and seven needle groupings on three different tips offer every-thing art and customer desires.
MG = Magnum
Perfect for small or big pieces. The Magic Moon Magnums offer a whole armory of possibilities for packing color into the skin or drop great saturated shading and color gradient.
OOL = One Off Liner
Our "One Off Liner" are round needle configurations which are missing the incircle needle. Thereby more ink is transported and you can draw long, bold lines with them.
SEM = Soft Edge Magnum
The famous rounded off version of the Magic Moon Magnum. Also known as 'curved' or 'rounded' Magnum. It‘s field of application varies from super smooth shadings to realistic work or completely infinite variable blendings.
XLT = Extreme Long Taper
The Extreme Long Taper is the thinnest taper available on the market. Thin refers to the conical tapering tip. It is prefered by some artists due to it‘s needles being extremely tight together compared to 'standard' tapers.
LT = Long Taper
Our Long Taper Needles are the most poplular tapers since years. This needle is favoured for all needle groupings. From Round Liner to Round Shader to Magnums and Soft Edge Magnums.
MT = Medium Taper
Medium Tapers are very popular within the Old School Scene. This taper can be used in every needle grouping.
ST = Short Taper
This taper is only offered for Magnums. Due to it‘s very short tip it‘s a very successful filling needle amongst Old School specialists.
BPT = BugPin Textured
Our own developed Bug Pin Textured needles are only available in sizes 0,25, 0,30 and 0,35mm. Their surface has a special texture which vastly improves the inkflow. These needles make great Liners, yet famous artists worldwide are using the Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum versions as well.

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