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Tattoo Artists around the world are convinced by the quality of our Tattoo Needles and are using them since years.

Jeroen Franken @Seven Seas Tattoos

"Magic Moon carries a great variety of needles. As far as i have used them, all are of high quality. No magnifying glass needed and consistency of soldering is perfect. Also they are continuesly evolving and looking for better and other ways to improve upon an already great selection of premade needles."

Sharuzen @Tattoo Atelier

"I have been using Magic Moon needles since I really start tattooing. During all that years I have also tried other companies but I have never found better needles than the Magic Moon. The quality is simply awesome and these are the needles you can really trust in."

James Tattoo Art

" For my detailled work I preferrably use Magic Moon Needles like the 3511 RSLT and 2507 RLLT due to their conistent high Quality. The 2523 SEMLT helps me to archieve perfect results for my black&grey portraits."

Bob Fizz @MintClub-Tattoo

"Especially for Dotwork and geometric Motives, I can always rely on a very high, consist quality of my needles. This is what I love and appreciate about Magic Moon Needles."

Eva Schatz @MintClub-Tattoo

"When I started tattooing I always wished for such a high quality needles. That's why I am twice as happy about the endless spectrum of top notch Magic Moon needle configurations which will have something for anyone. With the Magnum Long Tapers, color gets into the skin is if applied by an invisible hand. That's just pure fun. Furthermore I love and appreciate comminication and customer care a lot. Many thanks for that!"

Guen Douglas

"I love the consistency of quality. With other needles I would use maybe half of each box with some being too tight; or boxes would differ immensely from one another. I know when I order a box from magic moon they will all be good."

Schwarz Craiova @Helsink Tattoo Studio

"For the last cuple of years I have been using Magic Moon tattoo needles and I can say that I'm very happy with them. The steel and sharpness are always the same...high quality,I have never found a flaw in them, and they allow me to do my black and grey work with ease. I trully belive using the Magic Moon needles helped me take my work to the next level. I highly recommend them!"

Yliana Paolini @One More Tattoo

"Why do I use Magic moon needles? because they are solid sharp and very well constructed. they don't bend and stand for hours of work. I can get very detailed work with them, besides, they have a variety of options to any style that you want to apply. The result are clean, solid lines, which is what I'm looking for in needles. I've tried few others and I've stayed with magic moon because of the high quality of how they built it in every needle. They are so well constructed that basically every needle of each size and parameters are always the same. So I can trust that every time i open one of those boxes, they will suit me for what i need at the moment."

Peter Udvari @UPE Tattoo

"Magic Moon Needles are perfect for long sessions and big Tattoos because of their high Quality and durability. The 3511 SEMLT is my preferred Needle for color work."

Led Coult

"Magic Moon needles apply pigments with the very same efficency and consintency during longer sessions, which is essential for my work. The steel doen't traumatize the skin like most other needles that cause a great deal of skin redness, interfering with some of the pigment tones used in the Tattoo. So the result I get with Magic Moon Needles at the end of a session is almost similar to when the tattoo is healed. I get to use 50 out of 50 needles, so I don't have to worry about quality at all. Magic Moon needles are an essential tool who just fit my style and my rythm, that's why I chose them above everything else."

Kristin Schubert @Holy Diver Custom Tattoo

"The Magic Moon Needles are of such high quality, I can hardly find this anywhere else which makes them one of a kind. I can usually use 50 out of 50 needles. I think the Straight Round Liner are extremely well though through. Skin irritation is very low and not too many pigments are applied to keep lines in shape even after years. This is a must have for longlasting, straight Tattoos."

Michele L'Abbate @The Family Business Tattoo London

"I've been using magic moon tattoo needles for over 6 years now and I couldn't recommend anything better perfect soldering, best lines ever try them big time!"

Denes @UPE Tattoo

"I love Magic Moon Needles for their high and consistent Quality that I can always rely on. I mainly use the 3512 SRLLT for rough contures and shading. For fine detailled pieces the 3505 RLLT is my favorite weapon."

Rudy Fritsch @Originalclassictattoo

"I choose Magic Moon Tattoo Needles, cause they have the perfect size and texture for every kind of design I have to do. The wide selection allows to give a personal line which fit perfectly the idea and the right impact to the tattoo."

Robert Litcan @Dark Raptor Tattoo

"Top quality, smooth shading. Magic Moon Needles are the only needles I could use for small, precise details that I would never be able to achieve with any other brands. Use them once and they become addictive."

Emanuel Olivera @SublimeVilla

"The quality of the Magic Moon Needles is perfect and the variety of sizes and tapers makes me have several options in the tattoo process."

Yann Neumann @Lions Grave Tattoo

"Since my early days, I always focused on quality. I found exactly that in Magic Moon Needles. The consistent high quality, a great customer service and an endless choice of needles! What more could you possibly ask for?"
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